NO-COAT drywall corners beat metal bead everytime. Here's why...

NO-COAT wins the corner bead smackdown!

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Metal bead fails when it really counts.
Why? Because the issue is not how strong it is, it's how well it stands up to impacts. Metal bead dents and twists. Plastic bead cracks. NO-COAT is resilient. Its paper-paper-plastic composite holds up to severe impacts and won't dent, crack or rust.

NO-COAT delivers:
• Superior strength and durability
• Faster drywall corner installation
• Bottom line
labor & mud savings
• Elimination of costly callbacks and drywall repairs

Whether finishing off-angles, archways, inside or outside corners, NO-COAT offers a complete drywall corner trim system for every job. And  try NO-COAT drywall finishing tools rollers and hoppers for fast, easy results.


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